KJKZ Special Events

Whether it’s a banquet, family reunion, church event, or corporate outing; we’re here to capture the smiles of your special event. View our various event packages below. Click here to book today! (This section excludes wedding prices. Please click here for our wedding prices).

KJKZ Special Event-Photo ONLY

Our special event package consists of our service for 2 hours for $200 per hour minimum ($150 for any additional hour after). Photos from your event will be uploaded to a special website for you and other participants to download.


KJKZ Special Event Video-ONLY

Capture your special event in the form of video. With this package you will receive at min. 2 hours of video service. This video package comes with the option of Audio recording and post-production editing.


KJKZ Special Event Photo & Video

A combination of both Photo and Video services for special events. Minimum of 2 hour service.


KJKZ Special Event Trio Package

A combination of photo, video, and 360 booth services for special events. Minimum of 2 hour service. $300 for any additional hour of service.


KJKZ Special Events

Once in a Lifetime Moments.

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